How Do Women IT Managers Who Are Mothers Manage It All?

Not all IT managers are created equal. In fact, some are boys and some are girls. The girl IT managers more often than not have to use their IT manager skills to juggle a number of different responsibilities including being mothers. This is not an easy thing to do and there is no IT manager training that will show us how to do it. However, some women IT managers are able to pull it off. How do they do it?The Challenge Of Being A IT Manager Who IS Also A MotherI think that we can all agree that being an IT manager is a challenging and difficult job under the best of circumstances. However, it you go ahead and throw in the additional responsibilities of being a mother then all of a sudden things just get a lot harder to do. There are a lot of IT managers who find themselves in this unique situation.Being a mother brings with it a large number of additional responsibilities. None of these responsibilities are impossible to do, it’s just that they all require your time in order to do them correctly. These things include taking children to sports practice, attending meeting with teachers at the school, taking family members to the doctor, helping with homework, finding time for the family to spend time together, oh and also maintaining a relationship with your spouse. How hard could all of this be?It always seems to come back to being a question of time. The job of an IT manager can easily overflow the standard 40 hour workweek. We have all seen weeks where we’ve ended up working 60 or more hours. Its when things like this start to happen, or start to happen back-to-back, that all of a sudden and IT manager who is also a mother can start to run into some real problems.How Successful Female IT Managers Pull It OffThe good news is that a number of IT managers who are also mothers are able to pull all of this off. Now the big question is how are they accomplishing this? The first thing that we need to understand is that the “60 hour work week” is really pretty much a myth. Yes, they do happen – but infrequently. The average is about 44 hours of work per week.The next thing to realize is that as IT managers, mothers often have a great deal of both flexibility and autonomy in their jobs. What this means is that they can control when they work. Many of these mother IT managers choose to work what is called a “split-shift” where they’ll work for a while at work, come home and take care of the kids, and then once the kids are in bed, they will do some more work.Finally, working as an IT manager generally provides a working mom with a fair amount of disposable income. This income can then be spent on getting her help with common tasks. This can include getting dry cleaning picked up and delivered, having the house cleaned, and even having someone cook the family meals. All of these contribute to freeing up the IT manager mother’s time to do more things that she really wants to do.What All Of This Means For YouBeing an IT manager is a demanding job. Being a woman who is an IT manager and a mother is even more demanding when you consider all of the different roles that they potentially have to juggle at the same time including IT team building. However, some women are able to pull this juggling act off. We need to understand how they do it.When a woman becomes an IT manager she may have a number of different roles that she is going to have to manage at the same time: IT manager, wife, mother, personal hobbies, etc. On top of this, being an IT manager can require a great deal of her time: often 60 or more hours per week. The good news is that long hours are often more imaginary then real. Women often balance their required time by splitting their time between time at work and time spent after the children have been put to bed. Finally, because an IT manager job pays well many tasks can be farmed out to helpers.IT needs more women. IT needs more women IT managers. What this means is that all of the challenges of juggling multiple responsibilities is something that every women IT manager needs to be able to do. The good news is that it turns out that it can be easy to get the different roles to balance out. Follow these steps and it can be possible for a woman IT manager to succeed in everything that she does both on and off the job!

Water Fountains In Spas and Salons

Chances are, if you have ever been to a high-end salon or luxury spa, you have noticed that water fountains are in abundance. These soothing pieces of decor have become a bit of a trademark of such establishments for many reasons. There remains a question though as to why more spas and salons don’t have them? Could it be that many owners assume that these items still hold the high-dollar ticket that they did years ago? Perhaps individuals aren’t aware of great pricing available as well as the many benefits they provide!BenefitsWater features create a calming environment. Of course, this is exactly how you want to feel before you enjoy a little pampering or make a drastic change. When you walk into an establishment, especially if it’s a place you’ve never been before, it’s easy to feel a bit intimidated and nervous. Now, if you walk in and you hear the sound of trickling water and your eyes come to rest on these tranquil focal points, your stress and anxiety levels are reduced.Another real benefit of adding indoor fountains to your spa or salon is that they drown out a lot of background noise even though they are certainly not loud themselves. Although spas are traditionally very quiet places where you can actually here your own thoughts, salons are not. Phones ringing, busy chatter and hair dryers can stop your guests from thoroughly enjoying their experience.Not to mention, whether you have tabletop, column or wall fountains, they all make your establishment more memorable. Years ago, there weren’t as many spas and salons around, today they are in abundance, many offering exceptional service. Do you have a memorable piece of decor that will leave a lasting impression?StylesWall fountains are definitely the most popular options in these types of facilities. They take up awkward wall space that you don’t quite know what to do with and they are up out of the way where they won’t get bumped. When positioned in a central location at eye-level, everyone can easily enjoy them.Floor-standing water features are dynamic in large entryways or somewhere that people pass by. If they are nestled in a corner for fear that they will be bumped, guests won’t have the opportunity to enjoy them. These types of indoor fountains are great in private changing rooms where visitors can appreciate their presence, even if it is only for a few moments at a time.Tabletop fountains are perfect for salons and spas as well. Surely your facility has tables and shelving scattered around where they can sit politely. Of course, the best place to put one of these portable water fountains is on the counter. Wouldn’t it be nice to keep guests calm while they’re paying for their bill and determining the tip?

More About Mind, Body and Spirit Wellness and Stress Busting

Have you ever heard of mind body spirit health? It is an idea of help individuals to keep healthy. These are three elements of the body and all are important. Each works together to create the essential performance of the body that led to good health.The first part of this health is the emotional body or the mind. This controls our thoughts and feelings. It is important to maintain good relationships for a healthy mind and emotional life. If you continue to feel hurt and be hurt in a relationship it harms your mind health. Our thoughts are a big part of our mind. We hold on to many emotions. An idea to keep our emotions and mind positive is to tell ourselves you can handle a situation or listing all our accomplishments every day. Concentrate on the positive to get through the negative helps. Having emotional concerns that effect the mind can also affect the body as well as the spirit.Then there is the body or physical element of mind body spirit. It is important to exercise daily. It doesn’t have to be hours of activity every day. One day you might go for a walk and another day you might want to go for a swim. Getting active daily helps start a routine and keeps you healthy. There are many options to keep the physical body healthy through exercises as well. A half hour at least is very helpful daily. You will notice confidence, strength and energy as an exercise benefit. Another element to keep the body healthy is eating proper nutrition. Looking good will also help emotional or mind healthy helping us feel good about our self image. It helps to lower stress in the body.Finally, is the spirit element to consider. This can be handled though giving to others either time or money. Many find a healthy spirit by attending church and practicing kindness every day. When people hear mind body spirit they might think it is not for them. They might think it is too strange for them. The fact is it is for everyone because everyone deals with these issues. If given a chance ideals could really be effective and help individuals through their life. The ideas of these could really help you cope. Those that have looked into better ways to cope with stress have found ways to feel better that helps with their lifestyle.