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Water Fountains In Spas and Salons

Chances are, if you have ever been to a high-end salon or luxury spa, you have noticed that water fountains are in abundance. These soothing pieces of decor have become a bit of a trademark of such establishments for many reasons. There remains a question though as to why more spas and salons don’t have them? Could it be that many owners assume that these items still hold the high-dollar ticket that they did years ago? Perhaps individuals aren’t aware of great pricing available as well as the many benefits they provide!BenefitsWater features create a calming environment. Of course, this is exactly how you want to feel before you enjoy a little pampering or make a drastic change. When you walk into an establishment, especially if it’s a place you’ve never been before, it’s easy to feel a bit intimidated and nervous. Now, if you walk in and you hear the sound of trickling water and your eyes come to rest on these tranquil focal points, your stress and anxiety levels are reduced.Another real benefit of adding indoor fountains to your spa or salon is that they drown out a lot of background noise even though they are certainly not loud themselves. Although spas are traditionally very quiet places where you can actually here your own thoughts, salons are not. Phones ringing, busy chatter and hair dryers can stop your guests from thoroughly enjoying their experience.Not to mention, whether you have tabletop, column or wall fountains, they all make your establishment more memorable. Years ago, there weren’t as many spas and salons around, today they are in abundance, many offering exceptional service. Do you have a memorable piece of decor that will leave a lasting impression?StylesWall fountains are definitely the most popular options in these types of facilities. They take up awkward wall space that you don’t quite know what to do with and they are up out of the way where they won’t get bumped. When positioned in a central location at eye-level, everyone can easily enjoy them.Floor-standing water features are dynamic in large entryways or somewhere that people pass by. If they are nestled in a corner for fear that they will be bumped, guests won’t have the opportunity to enjoy them. These types of indoor fountains are great in private changing rooms where visitors can appreciate their presence, even if it is only for a few moments at a time.Tabletop fountains are perfect for salons and spas as well. Surely your facility has tables and shelving scattered around where they can sit politely. Of course, the best place to put one of these portable water fountains is on the counter. Wouldn’t it be nice to keep guests calm while they’re paying for their bill and determining the tip?